Taking Bids on Land for Residential Sub-Division

The city of Rio Vista will be taking sealed bids on 4 acres of land to be sold for residential sub-division.  The land is located behind Wells Fargo and the Family Dollar.  Bids will be taken until October 31, 2016 at 5:30 PM.  Pick up bid packages at the City Hall in Rio Vista or call 817-373-2588 to have packages sent  to you.

Rio Vista Clown Threats

Rio Vista PD is aware of the clown threats.  They will take all threats serious.  The officers are out and about following up on all leads.  If there are any sighting or information you can provide, please contact Rio Vista PD at 817-373-2900.

City of Rio Vista 2016-2017 Proposed Budget

City of Rio Vista 2016-2017 Proposed Budget

This budget will raise approximately the same amount from property taxes.  The property tax rate for M&O will be 0.432166 and I&S will be 0.162582 which is less than .01 decrese from last years tax rate.  This tax rate will raise an estimated 148,656 in tax revenue.  The property tax revenue to be raised from the evaluation base on 34,397,871.00 from adjustment.

City of Rio Vista 2016-2017 Budget Proposal