Water Main Break

We have a water main break at Swope and 2nd.  Bottled water is available at City Hall if needed.  We anticipate the water being out a couple of hours.  We will get the water back on as quickly as possible.  We appreciate your patience.



Water Notice

The consumer confident report is required by The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1966.  It provides the water customer the right to know and understand what is in their drinking water.  The Consumer Confidence Report identifies the source of the drinking water.  The treatment process used to purify the water and what the potential health effects could be.

To meet the Environmental Protection Agencies required the City of Rio Vista water provides its consumers with the appropriate data.

The TECQ completed an assessment of your source water and results indicate that some of your sources are susceptible to certain contaminants.  The sampling requirements for your system are based on this susceptibility and previous sampling data.  Any detection of these contaminants can be found in this Consumer Confident Report.

For more information on source water assessment and protection efforts at our system, see the attached links or contact The City of Rio Vista at (817) 373.2588.

Consumer Confident Report

Lead and Copper Samples

The attached letter was sent out all the city water customers.  The water is completely safe.  We assure you that the City of Rio Vista’s water quality meets or exceeds all TECQ and EPA requirements.  If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact City Hall at 814-373-2588.  Thank you

Lead and Copper Samples

Emergency Shelter

A quick reminder from the chief.  For our new residents and a reminder to our long time residents.  If we need a Emergency shelter it will be the High School Gym.  Please help spread the word and watch out for your neighbors and our elders.